Our Fincas

The Páez
Indigenous Community

Asociación de Caficultores Indígenas de San Pedro

Proudly working together with the Páez to ensure social and economic development, giving back and securing a future for all concerned. We present for your enjoyment the wonderful secrets of the “Andean Páez Community”

Settling high in the Central Colombia Andes mountains of Tolima with the spectacular mountain backdrop of “los Nevados” we discovered a coffee paradise where the Páez indigenous people having escaped the Spanish invasion in the 1500’s have made their homes for around 400 years.

The Hamlets of San Pedro and La Bella fall within the troubled red zone of Colombia. Our visits have been so worthwhile, meeting and working with these wonderful people, experiencing at first hand their lifestyle, their passion and pride for producing some of Colombia´s finest single origin coffees.

San Pedro and La Bella, host over 1500 small farms, all above an altitude from 1700 to over 2200 meters and from 1 to 4 hectares. At this altitude the slowly grown bean develops wonderful pronounced profiles; this is where the real high-quality Specialties are found; the terra enriched in volcanic soils and numerous fresh mountain streams.

The coffees are rich in flavour, notes of red fruits, herbs, citric and lemon, deep intense chocolate and sweet panela, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced, with excellent acidity and an amazing after taste.

The coffees grown are Heirloom Typica, yellow and red Bourbon and Caturra; some plants are over 80 years old, fully organic, sustainable and environmentally protected. The area has recently been certified Organic USDA.